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How can the energy transition be financed? A question that Prof. Ulf Moslener and a team are addressing in their research project “Deep uncertainty in the energy transition”. The fact is that massive investment in the energy infrastructure is needed to accelerate the energy transition. However, the speed and willingness to invest often leave something to be desired. One of the reasons for this has rarely been discussed to date: The energy transition systematically and frequently creates situations of fundamental uncertainty about technological, social, political and regulatory developments. This is challenging for all players and makes investments more difficult. Causes, correlations and options for action were investigated in the broad-based research project, which FIRM included in its funding in 2019.

Ulf Moslener and Christian Haas present the results of the project at the FIRM Deep Dive as part of the Green Finance Forum. The round table will be moderated by Til Bünder, coordinator of the FIRM Round Table ESG. Are you there? We look forward to exciting discussions.

By the way: If you want to delve into the details in advance, you can find an article on the project in the Börsenzeitung here. The following publications provide more detailed information:

1st article: Deep uncertainty and the transition to a low-carbon economy

2. article: Dealing with deep uncertainty in the energy transition: What we can learn from the electricity and transportation sectors