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Cybercrime on the Ethereum blockchain

In a joint project of the Technical Universities of Dresden and Munich, the Hornuf/Momtaz research team wants to investigate the risks associated with the use of the Ethereum blockchain. Specifically, it is about the effects of cybercrime on investor behavior: On the one hand, it is investigated how investor behavior changes after they have become victims of fraud. Second, the project is looking at whether blockchain data can be used to identify fraudsters.

The methods envisioned for the project are complex, due to the enormous amount of data processing required. A difference-in-differences analysis is used. AI will also be used to develop methods to predict fraud.

The project was included in the 2023 grant and is scheduled to run for 12 months.

Research team:

Prof. Dr. Paul P. Momtaz (Technical University of Munich) and Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf (Technical University of Dresden)