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Digital assets are becoming increasingly important. This project aims to investigate the integrity of different trading platforms for such assets, addressing a current
topic, which is important for both investors and regulators. In the first part, a taxonomy of such platforms will be developed. Different categorizations are envisaged: centralized or decentralized, transparency via smart contracts, rule sets and arrangements with liquidity providers, etc.. In the second part, integrity criteria and measures will be derived and in the next step inductively and deductively tested to determine which measures can be helpful for investors and regulators. In the third step, the selected measures will be validated empirically using examples and expert interviews. At the same time, an event study will investigate the impact of the European MiCA legislation.

The project is carried out by the research team Prof. Peter Gomber, Dr. Benjamin Clapham and Prof. Jan Mutermann of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

The project is scheduled for a period of 24 months.