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Personalized communication and repayment

The project aims to investigate the extent to which delinquent debtors are motivated to make outstanding payments by different communication strategies. The starting point is the consideration that there is less direct customer contact in the course of digitization and that this also reduces the willingness to pay. Depending on the type of person, these debtors would need to be approached in different ways to motivate them to repay.

First, an experiment is to be conducted with 1000 customers of a debt collection company: Using AI, a computer is to be trained to classify according to different types of people. Based on these types, different methods of addressing 5000 customers will be tested and their influence on payment behavior will be determined.

In a third stage, the customers involved will be asked ex-post to what extent the communication strategy has influenced their payment behavior.

The project was accepted for funding in 2022 and is scheduled to run for a period of 24 months.


Prof. Dr. Christine Laudenbach, Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE