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Risk management and operational resilience in payment transactions

The Payments Round Table took an in-depth look at the risks to which financial institutions are exposed in payment transactions. The focus was on operational resilience. In interviews with bank representatives, the coordinators of the round table – Dr. Markus Ampenberger (Boston Consulting Group BCG), Prof. Dr. Tobias Berg (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Daniel Regending (Deutsche Bank ) – surveyed the status quo and developed recommendations for action. All results from the interviews and the round table discussions are summarized in the attached position paper.


Risk management and operational
resilience in payment transactions

The importance of electronic payments has increased rapidly in recent years. The reasons for this are technological innovations, advancing digitalization and modernization of the market infrastructure. For banks, the processing of account and card payment transactions therefore represents a core value chain and an important business segment.

The position paper highlights the challenges that banks currently face in payment traffic. To this end, the Round Table conducted a survey among FIRM member institutions, surveyed the status quo, and developed important internal and external recommendations for action.

Authors: Dr. Markus Ampenberger (BCG), Prof. Dr. Tobias Berg (Goethe University), Daniel Regending (Deutsche Bank)

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